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parts of florida. yes, florida all over again. some people are waiting three hours or more to vote and we will be asking why governor rick scott in florida is refusing to extend hours as his predecessors have done. but we start with tonight's lead. the closer. just four days to go and president obama is sprinting to the finish line with a passionate pitch to ohio voters and he's doing so by dismantling governor romney's rationale in this race one line of the obama argument, i am the guy you know. >> after four years as president, you know me. you may not agree with every decision i've made, you may be frustrated sometimes at the pace of change, but you know that i say what i mean and i mean what i say. you know what i believe. you know where i stand. you know i tell the truth. and you know i fight for working families every single day as hard as i know how. >> we know what this president believes. but governor romney -- >> with these guys, it all depends on who you're talking to, where you are, what time of day it is, what state you're in, what the polls say. how the weather is. it
but the lines as long as six hours in florida have led to a major development in that state. and we will have a lot more on that later. in these final 48 hours, this race has become an all-out sprint. today president obama chris crossed the country starting in new hampshire. flying to florida and ohio for events. and ending the rally in colorado. governor romney began in iowa and held events in ohio and pennsylvania. he will end his day in virginia. president obama whipped voters into fever pitch on the trail. today, before record crowd of 14,000 in new hampshire. and then last night, it was another ruckus rally under virginia. >> now it's all up to you. it is up to the volunteers. it is -- it's up to somebody knocking on the door. it is up to someone making a phone call. it's up to someone talking to their mom or dad or their wife or husband or grandma or grandpa. and that's how democracy's supposed to be. it is up to you. you've got the power. and that's why i need you, virginia. don't get tired. don't get weary. if you're willing to knock on some doors with me and make some phone calls for
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in florida by two points. the president appears to be in great shape. >> he appears to be. i was at a romney event in virginia he a seemed to be less than the even thus yachl that you would expect to see on the last day of a campaign. i think we should be careful. all of this could be wrong. yes, it does appear that things are moving in obama's direction. we in the media have blown these things before. predictions are precarious but it does look like it's going to be a good night for obama. >> catherine, the gop -- it's not going right. listen to the romney surrogate, john kasich, what he had to say. >> i think god created pollsters to make astroll gers look accurate. the romney internal polling shows that we are still slightly ahead. >> so here you have the governor of ohio saying the pollsters are wrong, their internal polls show that they are slightly ahead. are they spinning? is he in denial? >> then you hear people -- i believe it was karl rove -- who has already spined a narrative that it was hurricane sandy that may have shifted if he loses. so they are beginning to create a conversat
it that name, at the pejorative, but florida state where repealing obama care is actually on the ballot. you have bill nelson touting his support of obama-care and winning, so the lesson for democrats needs to be a lot of these policies, they can't run away from, they need to lean into them. >> and if they lean into, they will get the voters lining up. >> how many years have we heard republicans say, if we run promising to cut taxes, and democrats promise to raise taxes? we're going to win. this election turns it on its head. just in terms of electoral politics and strategy, democrats can say we should -- in fact, we've got majority support for it. that changes politics in this country. that changes how election -- it's not a promise to raise taxes. it's taxes an an investment, tax toss deal with big issues like the deficit in a fairway, but you know, that just -- the conventional wisdom for the last 30 years, at least since reagan is that democrats cannot do this thing. >> now, when you look at the republicans and they have a tough time viewing this as a man dade, at least t. the republican
colorado, florida and virginia. it expected to be neck and neck in ohio and have a shot in pennsylvania. clearly they were wrong on all counts. but wasn't just team romney. just look at what they thought about the indiana senate race. one national republican poll showed tea party candidate richard murdoch running even with joe donnelly. and he lost by sick pointck six. so it was across the board they were totally off base. >> two things going on here. one could just be their numbers were bad. but if people knew how far back they actually were, you would have as in many of the public polls indeed were showing, you would have had, first of all, financial troubles. the donors would be bailing and more importantly, the voters don't want to be on board with a loser. you want to create that sense of momentum. now, clearly this fell well short of that. the problem that you have here, though, is that in the house of representatives, these guys think they ran a terrific campaign and the republicans think that they have been rewarded for the very positions that romney was punished for holding. so
, and ahead in other key states, including new hampshire, be virginia, florida, wisconsin, colorado, and nevada. and today, a major endorsement coming from new york city's independent mayor michael bloomberg. no question, this is a close race but today in wisconsin the president went after one of the key points in governor romney's closing argument to voters. >> the closing weeks of this campaign, governor romney has been using all his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly. and he is offering them change. he's saying he's the candidate of change. well, let me tell you, wisconsin, we know what change looks like. and what the governor is offering sure ain't change. >> it sure ain't change. but governor romney is good at changing on every position and doing anything to win. on the trail, he's trying to sound warm and cuddly. he's now taking a soft attack. the new york times quoting him on the trail as saying, democrats love america, too. gee, governor. thanks for that. but that soft attack apparently ends there. because behind the s
story from jacksonville, florida. a 45-year-old florida man has been charged with murder in the death of a 17-year-old jordan davis who, according to police, michael dunn pulled up to a convenience store last friday and told a group of teenagers in an suv to turn down their music. police say an argument broke out, dunn pulled a gun and fired eight or nine shots. the young man, jordan davis, was in the back seat of the car and died after being shot twice. police say dunn then drove away from the scene. he was arrested the next morning. so the legal process is taking its course. dunn has plead not guilty, claiming he acted in self-defense but police say the teens were unarmed. this happened in florida, the state that brought us the stand your ground law, a law that the nra pushed hard and has now spread across the country it's a law still playing a central role in the trayvon martin case. we will be watching this case very carefully and bring you updates. block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®. try this... bayer? this isn't ju
voters at a pegidus rate and it paid off yesterday. >> now, if you win florida, you have run the table. did you think it was possible to do that and what made the difference? was it money? was it the amount of volunteers of the pundits in. >> the interesting thing on money, and i think this is a good thing on democracy, there was more money on the other side, particularly at the end of the campaign we saw the republican over $100 millionust in t on tv whic your bosses but not necessarily for democracy and, you know, the greathing about this is that when you think abouthe billionaires, special interests, defeating the president, in turning the house and was not j re-elected but we have more democrats in the house even thou t do they get for money? i bet there are a&l lot of angr volunteers across this country in organization and we executed well. not just off election day but in the year and a half leading up to election day. >> now, you heard senator mcconnell last night saying that, well, the american people voted that they wanted to see certain things basically along partis then boeh
% obama care surcharge on meals at denny's 30 restaurants across florida. in response some denny's strants were threatened with calls and threats of boycotts. so the ceo told metz to knock it off. and metz backed down, saying they will not have a surcharge after all. this guy was on the wrong side of the issue but he's not the only one. at least 18 states, most of them run by far right governors, say they won't set up exchanges for people to buy insurance. they'll let the federal government do it instead. of course, they don't realize public opinion is turning in favor of the law. 49% of americans want to keep or expand the law. only 33% want to repeal it. that's the lowest support for repeal since the health care law was passed. and it will only get more popular. the health department has just released the rules on coverage for people with preexisting conditions. that's what the law does. it protects people with preexisting conditions. it allows young people to stay on their parents' plans. it offers free preventive care and provides discounts for seniors' prescriptions. it's not hard to
at a fund-raiser in florida and the rnc contacted him and said because you were speaking out for the need for a third voice you're no longer invited to represent us at a fund-raiser. so he's actually been disinvited to a lot of events." >> i kind of spilled the beans there. not sure i was supposed to let that out but i'm glad that i did because that was actually what happened. they looked at my dad as someone that was more harmful to the party than any good. now you look at it, the flip of the switch, we want to go back there now, he's where we were. but my dad has always been authentic. i think the biggest lesson you should learn from what we're seeing with romney is you have to stay true to who you are because the party is going to come and go. as long as you are who you are, i think they'll respect you. that's not what we're seeing with some of the people out there speaking today. >> but that's how you see how good people, moderate people, adults in the party are being pushed aside for the extremists. >> yep. >> right. >> abby huntsman and toure, thanks for your time this evening. and
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)